Privacy Policy

We at DICO Co., Ltd. comply with the laws and regulations of protecting personal information and handle our customers’ information based on the following policies.

What is personal information?

Personal information includes information such as an individual’s name, address, phone number, mail address or any other data that can or has the possibility to identify an individual.
It also includes information that can be combined with other information that can lead to identifying a person (category of business, company name, etc.)

Obtaining personal information

Normally when viewing this site, there is no need to input or release any personal information to us and can be browsed anonymously. However we ask that you input your name and mail address if you would like to contact us. The purpose of acquiring such information is explained in the following section on “The purpose of acquiring personal information” and the handling of the information is explained in the section “The handling of personal information.”

The purpose of acquiring personal information

We acquire personal information for the following reasons:
1. To reply to any inquiries from our customers.
2. When the information is necessary in order to administrate the site.
Also, we use a Cookie in order to reflect the quote to the inquiry details.

The handling of personal information

We handle personal information in the following method:
Limiting the usage of personal information to business related matters and strictly managing all contents containing any personal information.
However, we may provide part of your personal information to an external contractor for business purposes. In such cases we will make sure that the information is handled properly by the subcontractor.
Any Personal information that is no longer needed will be deleted shortly after.

Releasing personal information

We will not release any personal information to a third party without our customer’s consent unless for the following cases:
1. If there is a request from a government office, court, police, bar association, consumer information center or any other institution with equal authorities.
2. If there is a special provision in the laws and regulations.
3. If there is need for us to protect the law, our rights, our property or our services and we cannot obtain the consent of the individual.
We will not contact a third party when outsourcing is necessary during a transaction with a customer.

Range of application

The above privacy policies apply to this site.